Tarot Card Reader

Ok fine, so this picture was taken a decade ago but it's the only one I really like. You will most likely find me now with red or black hair due to the fact that I'm dying my own roots because I despise going to the salon lol but regardless, that is me :) 
My Story and how I came into Tarot Reading:

So about 25 years ago, I was in a New Age shop just looking around and I saw a sign for a psychic reading and since I was broken-hearted over some guy at the time, crying myself to sleep every night, I thought "What the Hell" I'll do it.  I'm really glad that I did because I was told by that reader that I was a Witch/Tarot Reader in a Past Life which of course inspired me to buy my first deck of tarot cards. Once I started using them it just became very natural to me so I've been reading ever since. 

 I absolutely love everything about tarot card reading and getting to help people in the meantime which is why I created this shop and all of my social media channels.  My main passion is getting to help people who are struggling in relationships with other people. So the rest is history and now I offer readings for sale here in my shop as well as provide general readings on YouTube, Instagram &  Tik Tok. I am also a collector of various tarot, oracle and fortune telling decks which I like to showcase and incorporate into my readings. 

I have also created many self-published oracle/tarot decks which are available for purchase here in my shop but if you are looking for a deck of mine that I'm currently sold out of, aren't currently carrying in this shop or you happen to be international because I don't ship internationally, you can purchase my decks directly from my distributor down below:


All of My Links:

https://linktr.ee/mystic_moon_oracles<br />

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